To assess how an employee will be able to absorb new information, how quickly they will learn and predict behaviour, we use the Tripod Personality Traits Questionnaire and the Mental Ability Assessment Scales. Personal qualities are constant, human-specific forms of behaviour and response. By determining emotional stability, extraversion, openness to experience, consensus, and awareness, we can predict how an employee will behave in a variety of situations. Meanwhile, verbal, arithmetic, spatial and general abilities assessed on the scale of mental abilities allow us to draw conclusions on the ability to reason, learn and acquire new skills.

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre uses several different methods to fully assess a candidate for a managerial position:

  • Interview, which helps to reveal available competencies and skills, leadership style and motivation based on the candidate’s current achievements;
  • Personality and aptitude tests tailored specifically to leadership positions allow for an objective assessment of the potential for thinking, decision-making, and the speed of learning particularly required in leadership positions, as well as behavioural trends;
  • Situational tasks assess how managers would apply their competencies in practice in communicating with employees, leading them and managing projects.

Tripod Training

Become an independent user of the Personality and Mental Ability Tests and gain a personal license to use Tripod Tests.

The 3-day comprehensive training program for HR professionals reviews the use of standardised psychological tests in personnel recruitment and assessment, providing the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for using the Tripod online system and interpreting results. During the training, specialists are enabled to independently refine the features of their profile suitable for the company’s goals and to provide recommendations based on science-based solutions.

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